Convert Html Table to Excel File Online

A tool to help you convert data in html table to Excel - called html2xlsx for short, this tool has the following effects:

Input Table Html

What can you do with the Html table to Excel (.xls, .xlsx) converter?

Can convert data in html table to Excel document format .xls or .xlsx
After conversion, you can download the Excel file to your device.
The system is safe and secure, making sure not to store any of your data.

How to convert Html table to Excel File?

There are many ways to do it: you can select the html file containing the table tag or paste the html table code obtained from the website (can be obtained through the view source website or inspect).
Step 1: Select the Html file containing the table, or enter the code
Step 2: Click the Convert & Download Button to download the Excel file to your device

The online html table to Excel converter is extremely easy to use, supporting a lot of related programmers. The user does not have to install any software.
Our tool is free and compatible with many different browsers and operating systems.