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How different is SHA-512/224 when compared to SHA-512?

As stated by FIPS 186-4 (6.6) The only two differences between SHA-512 and SHA-512/224 are the eight 64-bit words used for initialization, given by FIPS 186-4 (; and result truncation to the first 224 bits of the 512-bit result: H(N)0H0(N), H(N)1H1(N), H(N)2H2(N) each 64-bit, and the high-order 32 bits of H(N)3H3(N).

I suggest to start by checking the SHA-512 implementation pass test vectors; then implement the truncation, and test; then change the initialization value, and test.

    SHA224: d14a028c2a3a2bc9476102bb288234c415a2b01f828ea62ac5b3e42f
    SHA512: cf83e1357eefb8bdf1542850d66d8007d620e4050b5715dc83f4a921d36ce9ce47d0d13c5d85f2b0ff8318d2877eec2f63b931bd47417a81a538327af927da3e
SHA512/224: 6ed0dd02806fa89e25de060c19d3ac86cabb87d6a0ddd05c333b84f4

    SHA224: 3cd36921df5d6963e73739cf4d20211e2d8877c19cff087ade9d0e3a
    SHA512: f180d4243a77ba2b31456286cb55ac765117bdac22b8c3d4f7cdc9dd5b7ba49222fc91da2cddcd81c6ad97d18d562a5727bc7660dc8b7ce05a06976e7ad10bbb
SHA512/224: 8f8fdcb3f617a2d809b3132860b02fee00bdd927d541d42073dd12e7