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With Codezi's free MX Record Checker, you can easily check the mail servers for any domain. Our tool provides fast and reliable results to ensure proper email delivery.

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What is MX record?

An MX (Mail Exchanger) record is part of the DNS (Domain Name System) and is used to specify the mail server responsible for handling email messages for a particular domain. It is a type of DNS record that points to the mail server that should receive emails addressed to a specific domain name.

MX records are crucial for email delivery because they tell other mail servers where to send messages for a particular domain name. Without an MX record, email servers would not know where to send messages, and emails would not be delivered.

Each domain can have multiple MX records, which are prioritized to handle incoming email messages.

The information contained in an MX record includes:

  1. Domain: The root domain that the MX record is associated with.
  2. TTL (Time to Live): The amount of time in seconds that the DNS record is cached before it needs to be refreshed from the authoritative DNS server.
  3. Priority: A preference value assigned to each MX record to indicate the order in which the mail servers should be used. The lower the value, the higher the priority.
  4. Mail Server: The hostname or IP address of the mail server responsible for handling email messages for the associated domain.

For example, if there is an MX record for the domain "" with the following information: IN MX 10

The breakdown of the record would be as follows:

  • Domain:
  • TTL: The default value configured for the domain.
  • Priority: 10
  • Mail Server:

This means that when an email message is sent to, the mail server will be used to handle the email message, as it has the lowest priority value among all the MX records (if there are any others).

What is Mx lookup?

MX lookup is the process of looking up the MX (Mail Exchanger) records for a specific domain name. It involves querying the DNS (Domain Name System) to retrieve the MX records associated with the domain name. The MX records specify the mail servers responsible for handling email messages for the domain name, and they are prioritized in order of preference.

By performing an MX lookup, email servers can determine where to send email messages addressed to a particular domain name. It is an important step in the email delivery process and helps ensure that email messages are delivered to the intended recipient's email server.

How to use?

Codezi's MX Lookup tool is a user-friendly tool that allows you to check the MX records of a domain name quickly and easily. To use the tool, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Codezi MX Lookup page.
  2. Enter the domain name for which you want to check the MX records.
  3. Select the DNS server of your choice, example: Google or OpenDNS...
  4. Click the "Lookup" button.

The tool will then query the selected DNS server for the MX records associated with the domain name you entered. It will display the results, including the priority and mail server information for each MX record found.

The main benefit of using Codezi's MX Lookup tool is its ease of use. It is a simple and quick way to check the MX records of a domain name without the need for complex command-line utilities or programming knowledge.

This tool can be useful for system administrators, email marketers, or anyone who needs to verify that the email server is set up correctly.