View JSON Content As Table Online

This tool supports viewing the data in the JSON file as a web table, helping to quickly view the data in the json file This tool will use the keys in the JSON file to make the content for the th tag in the html, and fill the data in the td tag.

Input Json:

Output table view

What can you do with json view as table?

This tool helps you to convert configuration data in Json to tabular form

This tool helps you to beautify or minify Json easily

How to use json as table view engine?

- Step 1: Select the json file from your computer or copy the content from the file to import.

- Step 2: Click the "View Json Content As Table" button to view the content as a table

Why use Sita's json-as-table viewer?

- Because it's completely free.

- Because it's convenient, easy to use, fast.

- Because there is no need to install any other software.