Image Compressor Online

An online image compression tool that helps you reduce the size of the image file but still retain the same quality as the original image. The tool supports compressing a lot of image files at once.

Select Image file

How to use the image size reduction tool?

Just select one or more image files, we support to compress multiple image files at once.

The resulting image after compression will be clearly displayed for you to compare with the size of the original file.

Here you can clearly see how much the capacity is reduced.

You can download a single file or download multiple image files at once after compressing the images.

Why compress images?

The compressed image will have a smaller size than the original image, so it will load faster on the internet environment. This can increase the loading speed of your website.

For mobile applications, it is also possible to reduce the size of the application file.

Does the image quality decrease after compression?

The image quality after compression will decrease slightly, but not too much and not too affect the display compared to the original image.

Meanwhile the capacity can be reduced up to 50-80% after compression