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HTML Decode is a process of converting HTML entities into the text they represent. It is the reverse of HTML Encoding and is useful for displaying HTML content which has been encoded using HTML encoding.

HTML Encoding is used to represent special characters and symbols in HTML documents. Special characters such as &, <, >, ", and ' are converted into HTML entities like &amp;, &lt;, &gt;, &quot;, and &#39;. This helps protect HTML documents from being corrupted by non-HTML friendly characters. HTML Decode is the process of converting these HTML entities back into the original characters and symbols that they represent.

To HTML Decode a document, one must first identify the HTML entities present in the document. Once these HTML entities have been identified, the process of HTML Decoding can begin. The process of HTML Decoding involves replacing the HTML entities with their original characters and symbols. For example, &amp; would be replaced with &, &lt; would be replaced with <, and &gt; would be replaced with >.

HTML Decode is often used to decode HTML documents that have been encoded using HTML Encoding. It is also used to decode HTML documents that have been downloaded from the internet. Additionally, HTML Decode can be used to decode HTML documents created in a text editor or HTML generator.

When HTML Decoding a document, it is important to make sure that the original characters and symbols are not altered. Otherwise, the HTML can become corrupted and the document would not be displayed properly. Additionally, it is important to be aware that some HTML entities are case sensitive. For example, &amp; is different than &AMP; and must be treated accordingly.

HTML Decoding is an important process for displaying HTML documents correctly. Without it, HTML documents can become corrupted and not display properly. It is important to be aware of the HTML entities present in a document and to make sure that they are properly decoded in order to ensure that the HTML document is displayed correctly.

What is Html Decode tool?

This tool helps you to decode html online. You just need to enter the encoded html code, then the tool will support decode them. In addition, the tool supports decode html function in php, javascript and some other programming languages

HTML Decode in Php

html_entity_decode — Convert HTML entities to their corresponding characters html_entity_decode() is the opposite of htmlentities() in that it converts HTML entities in the string to their corresponding characters.

html_entity_decode ( string $string , int $flags = ENT_COMPAT , string|null $encoding = null ) : string
// Decode HTML entities
echo html_entity_decode('&#8211;'); // Outputs '–'

HTML Decode in Nodejs

const entities = require('entities');
console.log(entities.decodeHTML('&#8211;')); // Outputs '–'

HTML Decode in Python

# Decode HTML entities
import html
print(html.unescape('&#8211;')) # Outputs '–'

HTML Decode in Java

// Decode HTML entities
String decoded = StringEscapeUtils.unescapeHtml4("&#8211;");
System.out.println(decoded); // Outputs '–'

HTML Decode in Dart

// Decode HTML entities
String decoded = HtmlUnescape.unescape("&#8211;");
print(decoded); // Outputs '–'

HTML Decode in Go

// Decode HTML entities
decoded, err := unescapeString("&#8211;")
if err != nil {
fmt.Println(decoded) // Outputs '–'

HTML Decode in Ruby

require 'cgi'
puts CGI.unescapeHTML('&#8211;') # Outputs '–'