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The html cleaner tool supports removing blank tags, invalid characters, removing inline styles and redundant attributes.

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Welcome to Codezi Pro’s HTML Cleaner! This powerful online tool makes it easy to clean up your HTML code and help you create a perfect and well-formatted website. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to use the HTML Cleaner and all the features it has to offer.

Step 1: Access the HTML Cleaner

To use the HTML Cleaner, simply go to the Codezi Pro website and click on the “HTML Cleaner” link. This will take you to the HTML Cleaner page, where you can begin the process.

Step 2: Paste the HTML Code 

Once you’re on the HTML Cleaner page, you’ll see a text field where you can paste your HTML code. Simply copy and paste the code you want to clean into the field. 

Step 3: Select the Cleaning Options 

Once you’ve pasted your code into the text field, you can select the options you want to apply to the HTML code. You can choose to remove HTML comments, extra whitespace, and HTML entities. You can also choose to remove empty tags, optimize attributes, and minify CSS and JavaScript. 

Step 4: Clean the Code 

Once you’ve selected all the options you want to apply to the HTML code, you can click the “Clean” button to clean the code. The HTML Cleaner will then automatically apply all the selected options to the code and generate a clean version of the code. 

Step 5: Copy the Cleaned Code 

Once the HTML Cleaner has generated the clean version of the code, you can copy it from the text field and paste it into your HTML document. And that’s it! You’re done and your HTML code is now clean and well-formatted.


That’s how easy it is to use the HTML Cleaner from Codezi Pro. With this powerful online tool, you can quickly and easily clean your HTML code and ensure your website looks perfect and performs optimally. So, give it a try and see how the HTML Cleaner can make your life easier.

Codezi's html cleaning tool supports you to clean html code, remove redundant codes, and empty tags.

What can you do with Sita's HTML cleanup tool?

Select "Remove Empty Tags": The tool will support cleaning empty tags.

Select "Remove Comments": The tool will support removing the comment code in html into spaces.

By selecting "Remove Inline Style": The tool will remove all inline style codes in html tags, the style attribute will be completely removed.

Select "Remove Script Tags": The tool will remove the javascript code in the html content.

There are also many other options: the tool also supports you to strip html tags online, completely remove html codes and keep the plaintext content.

The tool also has advanced options so you can delete any type of tags you want.