Free and Unlimited Checksum File Tool

Our Checksum File tool is free and unlimited, allowing you to check the integrity of various file types such as documents, images, videos, audios, and more. With support for popular algorithms, our tool is a perfect choice for developers and personal users alike.


MD5 File Checksum

Tool to support md5 checksum file

SHA256 File Checksum

Tool to support SHA256 checksum file

SHA512 File Checksum

Tool to support SHA512 checksum file

SHA1 File Checksum

Tool to support SHA1 checksum file

SHA384 File Checksum

Tool to support SHA384 checksum file

Why use a checksum?

A checksum is a string of numbers and letters that act as a fingerprint for a file against which later comparisons can be made to detect errors in the data. They are important because we use them to check files for integrity.

After downloading any software installation package, you can calculate SHA512 or MD5 or SHA256... checksums on the installation file. Use the calculated corresponding checksum to compare with the checksum provided for that installation file on the download page. This way you can verify the integrity of the download.
This makes a lot of sense because if the downloaded software is incomplete, it means it has been modified, and most likely has a virus or other malicious code inside.

There are many checksum programs available on the Internet. and Sita Application is one of the online software that supports checking file checksum codes.

How to checksum file?

Step 1: Visit the website
Step 2: Select a file to check from the computer. The system will output the checksum code of that file
Step 3: Use that result to compare with the original checksum information given by the file issuer