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The tool compares 2 excel files, displays different lines, allows displaying text or showing different rows in tabular form, compares content, checksum, capacity...

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Excel is a widely used software tool for data management and analysis, and it is common for people to need to compare two Excel files to find differences or evaluate whether they contain the same content. There are many tools available for comparing Excel files, but one particularly useful option is Excel Compare by Codezi.

Excel Compare is a web-based tool that allows users to compare the content and checksum of two Excel files. This tool is particularly useful for those who need to compare two Excel files but do not have Excel installed on their computer. With Excel Compare, all that is needed is access to the internet and the two Excel files to be compared.

To use Excel Compare, simply go to the Codezi website and navigate to the Excel Compare tool. From there, upload the two Excel files to be compared and click the "Compare" button. The tool will then compare the two files and generate a report that highlights any differences between the two files.

One of the benefits of Excel Compare is that it is a quick and easy tool to use. Users do not need to install any software on their computer or have a deep understanding of Excel to use the tool. This makes it an ideal option for those who need to compare Excel files infrequently or who do not have access to Excel on their computer.

Another advantage of Excel Compare is that it provides a detailed report of the differences between the two files. The report highlights the differences in content and checksum between the two files, making it easy to identify any discrepancies. This can save users time and effort when trying to identify differences between large or complex Excel files.

What can I do with the online Excel 2 file comparison tool?

I can compare the contents of 2 excel files to find rows with different data and display them on the screen.

I can compare the size of 2 files, compare its last modified time.

I can also compare md5 Checksum of 2 excel files.

How to use the online Excel file comparison tool to find out rows with different data?

Step 1: You select 2 Excel files (.xlsx, .csv or .ods format are all ok).

Step 2: You click the button to compare 2 excel files to find different data.

Why should I use Codezi's Excel Compare tool?

Easy to use, Free.

Compatible with all browsers and all operating systems.

No need to install any other software