Convert data in .ENV file to HTML TABLE online

Input Env:

Output html table

Convert data in .ENV file to HTML TABLE online. Support converting into 2 columns named Key and Value in html file as table tag. Supports downloading HTML files and previewing data after conversion.

What can you do with the .ENV to HTML TABLE converter?

This tool helps you to convert configuration data in .ENV (.env file) to HTML TABLE (.html file) (referred to as env2htmltable).

The data on .ENV is in text form with key=value on each line, so it will be converted to HTML TABLE with 2 columns, Key and Value.

The tool supports you to download HTML files (.html) to your computer after converting.

After converting to HTML HTML , users can also convert to other formats if they want, for example, convert to json, to xml...

How to use ENV to HTML TABLE converter?

Step 1: Select the .env file from your computer or copy the content from the file to import into the editor.

Step 2: Click the "Convert to TABLE HTML" button. Then download the file or copy the content to use.

Why use Sita's Env to HTML TABLE converter?

Because it's free.

Because it's convenient, easy to use, fast.

Because there is no need to install any other software.