Env to Php Array Converter

Env to Php converter just need to select the .env file on your computer, or paste the contents of the Env file into the editor then click convert to Php Array, then copy the result to use

Input Env:

PHP Output:

How to convert Env to Php Array?

Step 1: Select the .env file on your computer or paste the content into a comfortable editor
Step 2: Click Convert Env to Php Array button
Step 3: Copy the results or download the .env file to your computer to use

Env is a file used to store the configuration of a software application or website, the content consists of many lines, in which each line has a Key=Value structure.

Reading Env files from programming languages ​​is quite easy, because it is supported by many popular libraries.

However, sometimes when I code in PHP, I often hesitate to write functions that read this file, instead I build an Env to Array converter in Php for easy use when needed.

This tool does not need to install any other software or libraries, just a browser is enough.

It is handled entirely on my server, so it doesn't depend too much on your browser version or operating system.