Convert CSV to XML Online

Input CSV:

Output Xml

This tool helps to convert CSV file content to XML format, You can preview the content and download it after the conversion is done.

What can you do with the CSV to XML converter?

Make CSV to XML conversion quick and easy.

Support select CSV file from computer, or copy content from JSON file and paste into editor

Support viewing XML data first, then download to computer, or copy to use.

Support beautifying XML content after conversion.

How to use CSV to XML converter?

Step 1: Select the CSV file from your computer, or paste the CSV content into the editor.

Step 2: Click the "Convert CSV to XML" button, then download or copy the XML to use

Why do I have to use Sita's CSV to XML converter?

Because it's very easy to use.
It's free.
When using you do not need to install any other software.
This tool is compatible with all browsers, and all operating systems.